Trap Neuter and Return, commonly known as TNR has proven to be a humane and effective way of controlling the feral cat population. After the process is complete the cat can be returned to it’s colony where caretakers provide regular food and shelter. There can be a marked reduction in nuisance behavior such as yowling, spraying, and the fighting that comes with mating activity. Another advantage of having spayed and neutered cats in the colony equates to less kittens in the shelters. TNR also focuses on vaccines which helps decrease the spread of infectious feline diseases. Ear cropping is a universal sign of a cat that has been through the TNR process. This helps to determine which cats have already been through this process and which ones need to be trapped. So if you see a cat outside with a clipped ear you will know the cat is fixed and will not be adding to the population in your area.

If you are interested in helping feral cats AVFP has volunteer opportunities from getting involved with the TNR process to building protected outdoor shelters.