Adoptable Pets Spotlight at Mantua PetSmart

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cat tabby crooked ear stray adoption adopted adopt sawyerMeet Sawyer

Sawyer was a loveable stray who made his way to our shelter and our hearts. He is 3 years young, calm, lovable and gentle. This talker will meow for attention!

Meet Sam

Sam is a gorgeous chatterbug. When she’s not talking to you shes dolling out head nudges and kisses. Don’t let that fool you, this girl still loves to play!

Meet Chloe Joy

Chloe Joy is 2 years old, playful and super cute. This girl will fill your home with love and joy.

Meet Roger

Roger is a 5 year old boy looking for a new home. He has the BEST personality, he loves everyone and he is very affectionate and friendly.

Mission Statement

A Voice for Paws is dedicated to helping animals throughout Gloucester County live better lives by providing education on pet care and adoption.

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The Dog Days of Summer

Now that we’re quite literally in the dog days of summer – here are some tips to help keep your pets safe.

  • Plenty of clean, cool drinking water is a must at all times.
  • Never leave your pet in a parked car, not even for five minutes.
  • If a pet is overcome by heat (detected by excessive panting, is heavily salivating, and/or immobile) immerse him slowly in cool water to lower his body temperature, then contact a veterinarian. Never immerse a pet in ice cold water, it may cause him shock.
  • Keep Pets Groomed: Clip long or matted coats short to help your pet stay cool, but remember that pets, like people, can get sunburned too and coats should not be TOO short.
  • Health Check: Carefully go over your pet’s body at least once a week to check for fleas, ear mites and tiny bumps or cuts. Bring your pet to the vet for a summer check-up and use a good flea and tick repellent recommended by your vet.
  • Exercise: Exercise pets in the morning or evening when it’s cooler.
  • Prevent Burns: Dog pads burn easily, so avoid hot surfaces such as asphalt on hot days.
  • Identification: With the hotter weather, families and their pets are outside more often, increasing the chances of a pet getting lost. Make sure your pets always wear proper identification.

Ready to Adopt?

View a full list of our available pets on PetFinder or Adopt-a-Pet. If you’re serious about adoption or are ready to adopt, fill out our Adoption Application!

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